Do you struggle to find time to maintain your garden ?

Are you finding it physically hard to keep your garden as nice as you would like ?

We offer the following services:


Flower bed maintenance (or weeding) is a chore that no gardener likes.

As well as weeding we can:

  • Add manure to your beds and borders. This not only feeds your plants but can act as a mulch if not dug in and improve the soil quality.
  • Wood chip. We can put wood chip on your borders to supress weed growth.
  • Plant bedding plants and perennials shrubs and plants to enhance your garden.
Lawn Mowing
  • We have the equipment to get your lawn looking its best.
Garden Tidies
  • Does your garden need a thorough tidy ?
  • Have you bought a new house and inherited a jungle ?
  • Are you selling your house and want to give it a little more kerb appeal ?
  • Is their a forgotten neglected corner of your garden that you would like to use ?
  • Are you having a bit of a do and you would like to give your garden a spring clean ?
  • We can help you tidy your garden and clear any overgrown plants and weeds.

We maintain both domestic gardens and green areas on commerical sites. For our commercial customers we also offer litter picking and pesticides spraying.